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I have not always been a fan of Wells Fargo Bank...

I've had one of their mortages myself and felt as though their service was very impersonal.... they were just TOO big! Sometimes I think I was speaking to a janitor, or being hung up on purpose because my question required some effort to answer appropriately. Many times, I have been proven wrong about that by the exemplary service of my favorite lender (Lisa Parks, with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage).... but years later after some much needed regrouping, staffing up, and bailout money, I must admit.... I am blown away by the efficiency and generosity of the Wells Fargo Loss Mitigation Team!

My team is closing a short sale tomorrow for a repeat client who bought a house at the top of the market. My client is disabled, and this was one of the only homes at the time on the correct busline to get to work. Shortly after move in, the bus route was discontinued. Now she had to rely on her fiance, friends, and family to take her to/from work. They stuck it out for 2 years until he got laid off. As hard as they tried to keep the house, they just couldnt do it anymore. So they asked us to short sale their home. We gathered the necessary paperwork and put the house on the market. Within a couple weeks we had a good offer, and a full short sale packet was sent off to the bank. The appraisal was done the next week and no joke...

I had an approval letter in my inbox in 15 days later!

 To top it all off.... the day before closing, one of their relatives is deathly ill. They must rush out of town to be at their bedside in the hospital. Consequently, they are unable to sign on time. When hearing of the hardship, the loss mitigation team authorizes paying a courtesy signer to come to the hospital with documents, and instructs escrow to cut a check to the seller for moving expenses.... A decent sized check!

I heard a rumor they were working on ways to establish client loyalty in turbulent times, with the hope that former customers would come back to them when credit worthy. Guess what? It's working! My mind is officially changed... and so is everyone else involved in this transaction.

Excellent job guys! You went above and beyond, and it would be my pleasure to handle your short sales in the future. Thank you!



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